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Welcome to the OpenData MFSR API portal. The purpose of this site is to make available to application developers the data available on our portal. An application programming interface or API is an interface which a computer application or system can use to access a set of third-party functions or programs. In addition to all datasets are available on the Open data MFSR portal via interface API.

OpenData API

Application programming interface, or API, is a type of interface that a computer application or system can use to access third party programs or files of functions.

The purpose of the API is to secure communication between two applications that exchange data with each other. It allows to use already programmed solutions and integrate them into own website or software.

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API authentication

  • via API key

API limits

  • standard limit: 1 000 requests per hour
  • if the limit do not suit your needs, request an increase through the CONTACT menu

Important documents

* More information on personal data protection can be found here.